We choose to develop an ethical and certified collection because we realized how difficult is to shop quality products with these characteristics.

A choice to
take care of you

At Fansy we choose to invest on the quality using natural yarns and working with local artisans which have world recognized certifications and ensure the care for the environment and the people they collaborate with.


Fansy certified GOTS products satisfy requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions using organically produced raw materials.

Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

In addition, it includes welfare standards for animal husbandry and prohibits genetically modified organisms.

SERI.CO is a Italian certification that has as objective to guarantee the productive process which has to ensure health & safety, sustainability, social responsibility and a risk assessment of chemicals used in the production.

They also ensure the quality of the textile product, both the technology involved and the ecofriendly property.

It is a certification that ensure the quality and the standards of health and safety of the product and the system in which it gets developed.


Fancy’s certified FSC products ensure the integrity of the supply chain, from the forest to the consumer.

The Forest Stewardship Council certifies that our products are made in respect to the biodiversity of the forest and they provide certification of reforestation.

Raw material like modal and lyoncell are all made from wood viscose.


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